Friendship, Hunger, Passion, Intimacy!

I am hearing these words over and over as I listen to people pouring out the longing and cry of their hearts for Jesus.

Out of that hunger and passion for Jesus, and the friendship and intimacy of wanting to know the King of Glory and be known by Him, we become plumb-lined and plugged into the Glorious Throne of God.

When we encounter the manifest Glory of God, we are in a place where the supernatural and natural connect. The purposes of God are in our midst. It’s a Holy place where all the angels and the royal entourage around the Throne are also present. Firebombs of Glory come into the depths of who we are.

We cry out “Papa God! All I want is to love You, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. All I want is to be in Your Presence, and hear Your precious voice calling me Your beloved. All I want is for You to know how my heart swells with love for You. I lean into You and cry out ‘You are my beloved.’”

Lush greenery of trees and plants with pathway leading to a brilliant lightThat is the anointing! It’s loving Jesus.

The anointing is not the power. It’s the Presence and Passion!

It comes from the deep, intense, fervid yearning in our hearts to be with Jesus. And He responds with His awesome, unlimited, precious Presence of loving devotion to us.