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Sapphires From Heaven

After a day of meetings, I’m relaxing in a chair with my feet up. A conversation with Jesus brings joy and refreshing to my body and spirit.

My eyes catch sparks of flashing brilliant blue lights coming from the hallway which leads to our front door. Is a storm brewing? Is there lightning outside?

I start to get up out of my chair, but the vivid light approaches me at amazing speed and hovers above my right foot. There is no opportunity to study what has happened as a second blue light appears and settles above my left foot. Continue reading

Angels In Pink

The morning sky is clear and sparkling like an unending angelic blue crystal. It’s calming for me to keep gazing upwards, and delightful to hear the undisturbed sound of chirping birds.

Many friends have said the current chaotic unrest in our society is intense and has taken away their joy. Hearing this saddens me greatly.

Taking a deep breath of outside air to refresh me, I spot movement to my right. Curiously, glowing being-like figures of pink are approaching me. As they come closer I recognize two of the beings as the same angels I have encountered previously. The exquisite beauty and heavenly pink light being emitted from each of the many angels is captivating. Continue reading

Encourage One Another

Encourage One Another

As we agree with and confess what Papa God says about us we are edified and gloriously filled with encouragement.

As we agree with and confess what Papa God says about others, they are edified and gloriously filled with encouragement.

The voice of Holy Spirit will always speak to us from a position of who we are in Christ. Now, and always, is a favorable time for these:
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Experiencing The Office Tower

Sam Golanski, doorman of office tower“Good Morning, ma’am.” The doorman greets me kindly as he reaches for an impressive golden handle and slowly opens the large stately door. I smile, thank him, and step into the grand, luxurious Park Avenue style foyer of the office tower.

What a workplace wonder! I have to pause for a moment and observe the stunning flower arrangements, in cohesive color schemes, perfectly placed on tall marble tables.

Headed in the direction that most people are going, I stop at the elevators and wait expectantly for one of the doors to open.  A few people exit the elevator allowing as many of us as possible to rapidly press into the confined space. Floor numbers are lit up as the elevator begins to climb. Designated floors have been reached and only a few of us are left inside as we reach the top floor. As I am exiting I notice the office number directory signs. Pointing to the left is 4001-4015 and to the right is 4016-4031. I am on the fortieth floor, not knowing which direction I am to turn.
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It’s Not Over

cute colorful drawing of young woman with cleaning suppliesWhile cleaning the floors recently, and having my mind void of any particular thoughts, I hear an audible voice saying “It’s not over!”

What? What’s not over? Of course it’s not over, company is coming and I have lots of floors yet to clean.

Then I hear the angelic realm echo “NO! It’s not over”.  Okay, so I realize this is coming from Papa God. He gently tells me to write down my thoughts and I will find understanding.

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Was It The Stone

This is such a great account of victory, but I’d like to share a different approach to this story that you may not have considered.

Taking a moment to recap the familiar story of David slaying the giant Goliath with a slingshot and a stone. 1 Samuel 17.        

Was it the stone?

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A Golden Passage

I gaze at the stately, distinctive, green trees lining either side of the path I am on. I’m not able to identify what type of trees they are. Each branch is vibrant and alive. A delightful, sweet fragrance emitted from the trees fills my nostrils, suggesting what the aroma of heaven might be.

Visible on the path is a fountain of crystalline, sparkling, water. As the water dances in the fountain, it appears to be smiling with delight. What am I seeing? Where am I? I try to grasp all that I am viewing, but I know I need to move on and discover what is ahead.
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The Blue Form Speaks

“What’s on Your heart this morning, Papa God?” I ask while headed down the hall to the empty classroom I will occupy for a portion of the day. I pass a mom holding an infant, and smile at him, sweetly telling him good morning. He turns his sleepy head into his momma’s shoulder. She comments how bashful he is. “His confidence will come soon.” We both laugh at the mental picture of what is possible for this little one.

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Taking The Heights Like Eagles

Listen! Can you hear the angels gathering? Are you taking in the rattling and rumbling noise of extreme movement in the spiritual realm? Are you apprehending the massive angelic battalion released to do combat over cities and governments throughout the world?

Papa God is directing the angels to respond to His word spoken through the prayers, decrees, and declarations of His people.

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You Are His Signpost

Some gentle thoughts of love to you from the heart of Papa God.

Are you completely wrecked when you contemplate God’s gift of new life? Remember, you are a signpost that points people toward the most loving Papa who wants desperately to enfold them in His Grace.

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Friendship, Hunger, Passion, Intimacy!

I am hearing these words over and over as I listen to people pouring out the longing and cry of their hearts for Jesus.

Out of that hunger and passion for Jesus, and the friendship and intimacy of wanting to know the King of Glory and be known by Him, we become plumb-lined and plugged into the Glorious Throne of God.

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Refreshingly Filled

It’s true! Attempting to do things the way we did yesterday does not necessarily work today. We see that in every aspect of life.

God’s word says “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?” Isaiah 43:19a (NIV) There are fresh years ahead, fresh things in the Kingdom for all of us to encounter, learn, explore, absorb, dream, launch, and share. Fresh is a keyword.

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Water Table

It’s Thursday, one of the days each week I am able to occupy a church classroom by myself. This private room presents me with an exceptional opportunity to worship, study, pray and hear from Holy Spirit.

In the room adjacent to mine I hear a group of women laughing heartily. Laughter is good medicine.  It is delightful to hear this jovial expression of them enjoying the day. My heart is happy also.

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This Cup

It was a beautiful morning, full of the magnificent Presence of the Lord filling the room, and many angels watching over all of us. While preparing to share communion with special friends, Holy Spirit spoke to us through my husband.

“Wine was perfectly used representing Jesus’ blood during communion. In the Old Testament wine was considered the blood of grapes.” Deut. 32:14 “…with curds and milk from herd and flock and with fattened lambs and goats, with choice rams of Bashan and the finest kernels of wheat. You drank the foaming blood of the grape.”

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Volunteer Nurse

A commentator on the news today said the governor of Florida was calling for 1000 volunteer nurses. He was speaking of the predicted devastation from the newest hurricane to soon make landfall.

“I wish I was a nurse” I tell my husband after hearing the governor’s plea. “I would be there in a heartbeat to help”.  profile of a nurse with nurses cap on

Apparently, an angel has been listening and Papa God sent her to me. I feel her firmly tug at the back of my jeans which compels me to turn and see she is moving out to the street in front of my house. My legs burst into a run behind her as she swiftly moves. It feels as if we are on a runway gathering speed before takeoff.  She extends her right hand out behind her. I grab it as we begin to ascend above my city.

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Heavenly Doors – Part 3

This morning presents itself as a perfect time to be in the pool, soak up the warmth of the sun, listen to my favorite worship songs, and enjoy the stillness of the early daytime hours.

vibrant swimming pool entrance with stairs and ladder

“Okay!” I hear as the word resonates in a boisterous, emphatic manner. It seems someone is speaking through a megaphone. I look up and around, expecting to identify where the voice is coming from. “Okay!” comes the word again, with several voices echoing in unison.

Looking skyward I question aloud. “Excuse me?” My dog, who lazily lays on the patio, abruptly sits up and barks at the silence being broken. Steadily my eyes search for the source of the repeated word I hear.

“Okaaay” I hear one more time. The inflection in the voice sounds playful. It’s time for me to get out of the pool and investigate.

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Glorious Pear Tree

Standing in the middle of a congested metropolitan city block, I notice people walking quickly, taking long strides, determined to get someplace fast. Cars, buses, bicycles, and taxis all are transporting people to unknown destinations. Commotion is busy city trafficeverywhere. The blaring sound of car horns screaming their obscenities to other drivers is intense. A constant honking to wake up motorists unaware of the immediate opportunity to change lanes causes me to express annoyance, at least to myself. Long lines of vehicles jammed together form an unsightly serpentine appearance.

My soul is agitated by the noise and turbulent motion. I look up towards the heavens. Our brilliant sun is surrounded by a clear, cloudless, sapphire blue sky. Lovely rays of warmth are streaming down from this earth’s sun. It isn’t disturbed by the disorder I sense.

Wanting to be absorbed into a still, calm, peaceful environment, I call out to my Papa God. “Take me away into the sanctuary of Your Presence.”
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Avenger Angels

This morning I am determined to make a quick stop at my bank, complete a single transaction inside, get back into my car and head straight home. I don’t have a lot of extra time to spare, so no additional stops will take place on this trip.

Parking my car at the bank, I set my keys on the passenger seat and start to reach in the back for my paperwork. Oh no! Without warning, I hear the familiar sound of all four car doors locking. My first reaction is how did this happen? The keys are not touching anything. Only my keys are situated on the passenger seat.set of car keys My hands aren’t close to the lock buttons. This is absurd. I am puzzled and at a loss for an explanation.

Because I am curious, I hit the unlock button and try the driver’s door. As soon as I attempt to open the door, the security alarm blares its distinctive clamoring noise. Now the keys are desperately needed.

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Heavenly Doors – Part 2

An angel named Pathfinder has taken me again beyond the universes to see endless heavenly doors. I gather a poster hanging on the wall inside each door I fly through.

The following is an excerpt from the end of Part 1.

“Go ahead now,” Pathfinder directs me. “Gather more posters. Regardless of how many times I bring you here, you will not be able to go through all the open doors nor acquire the entire amount of posters within them. Get what you can.”

“Okay,” I answer. With that, his hands lift off my shoulders and I dart through another door.”  Continue reading

Heavenly Doors – Part 1

ornate double doors opened showing sun rays behind clouds

“Why are you waiting?” I hear a voice ask me. “Why am I waiting for what?” I answer as I turn around to see the angel who often makes himself known to me.  He is standing a bit behind me. I have the feeling he has been there for quite some time. “Waiting for me to show you more heavenly doors”.

“Oh! I’m always ready for more.” I talk with him as I do a friend who is enjoying a cup of coffee with me. He knows my language. Nothing complicated, just to the point.

“Let’s go then. Come with me.” He is eager to do his bidding from God. “Okay. I’m ready,” I enthusiastically tell him.
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Desert Ice Cream

While in a Holy Spirit encounter, I see a multi-colored ice cream stand with pictures of many flavors of ice cream painted around an open window. It’s a cheerful looking little stand, welcoming those ready to be satisfied with delicious scoops of ice cream. The stand seems uniquely out of place however. I am in the middle of a parched, barren large expanse of arid desert landscapedesert region. The air temperature is extremely hot and this vast area appears devoid of life. I am a few yards from the stand, sitting with my back against a pile of sand which must have been formed by a recent dust storm. No one is around. No one is at the stand asking for ice cream. It’s extremely quiet. I’m wondering why I am here. Continue reading

Divine Hunger Awakens

I am in a time of praying to Papa God that He will cultivate my heart and awaken the divine hunger within me so that I can bear His Presence even more. I sense that angels are surrounding me and putting a sheer translucent cloth over me. They are separating out the distracting things and ministering God’s glory to me so that once again I will experience Him in an overwhelming way.

Immediately I see in my spirit that I am in the midst of a crowd of people spanning many city blocks.head of horse with magnificent ornamental headstall There is a tremendous amount of excitement in the air. I wonder what is happening. Why all this excitement? I am stuffed in this crowd and unable to see anything other than lots and lots of people.

I hear the sound of marching hooves, of approaching horses. I stand on my tiptoes to stretch upwards, but can barely see the horses. Continue reading

My Happy Pillow

baby sleeping on a her happy pillowHave you ever encountered Holy Spirit in such a refreshing, fun way that when you go to bed at night you have a smile that doesn’t fade? A smile so huge that your happy pillow gets wrecked with a permanent smiley face imprinted on it?

On as many Friday nights as we can, a small group of us meet in an “upper room” in my home and have what we call God-time. However Holy Spirit is leading, we’re excited and ready to go with Him.

We’ve had times of healings; times of basking in His awesome, tangible Presence; times of fantastic discussions of the supernatural; times of powerful prayer and intercession and times of being completely overtaken with uncontainable joy! Continue reading

Bread Lines Again?

I was in my kitchen this morning and unexpectedly an angel picked me up and took me by the hand. We ‘flew’ together, arriving above a part of the city which I was not familiar with. Swiftly the angel caused us to descend and end up on top of a large cliff overlooking thousands of people lined up. Eight across, twelve across, thousands of people. I was puzzled at what I saw. I stared at the mass of people and the angel asked me. “What do you see?” I’m not sure if it was my spirit or my carnal mind, but I thought “is this a question like Jesus asked the man at Bethsaida?” (Mark 8:23-25)

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Peacocks of Deception

A female angel came to me last night and woke me out of my sleep. She took my hand and we were immediately on a crowded street. There were many skyscraper buildings and the streets were bustling with people. I knew I had been there before. It seemed to be an Americanized city overseas. I can’t yet identify it.

As we stood on the street she pointed to a peacock. The peacock was definitely out of place in that setting. colorful of all peacocks with tail feather full spread open It was fanning its tail and people began to point to the bird and grab others so they could see him. I was captivated by the colors in his tail. I commented to the angel how pretty I thought the bird is. She shook her head and I knew that through seeing this bird I was being shown what appears to be good and lovely is often not.

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