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Desert Ice Cream

While in a Holy Spirit encounter, I see a multi-colored ice cream stand with pictures of many flavors of ice cream painted around an open window. It’s a cheerful looking little stand, welcoming those ready to be satisfied with delicious scoops of ice cream. The stand seems uniquely out of place however. I am in the middle of a parched, barren large expanse of arid desert landscapedesert region. The air temperature is extremely hot and this vast area appears devoid of life. I am a few yards from the stand, sitting with my back against a pile of sand which must have been formed by a recent dust storm. No one is around. No one is at the stand asking for ice cream. It’s extremely quiet. I’m wondering why I am here.

My attention is drawn to a man who comes into view inside the stand. He has a clean white apron on, is ready to serve, and is whistling a joyful tune. He seems to be expressing tremendous pleasure that he is able to provide a delightful respite from the scorching temperatures of the desert.

Three young children unexpectedly appear in front of the ice cream stand. The youngest looks to be about 4, the middle one maybe 6 and the oldest is 8 or 9 years old. They are longingly looking over the list of available ice cream. small pink and white striped ice cream standThe oldest one, a girl, checks her pockets and shrugs. I can tell they have no money to buy a refreshment.  But the man inside the stand indicates he will give them ice cream cones even if they don’t have money to pay. He smiles cheerfully at each child, causing their faces to beam a huge smile back at him. He takes their order for a cone. I see him dip out two scoops of ice cream which he thoughtfully places within each cone. As he hands the children their cones he says, “This will keep you cool in this heat. Today is a very good day. You will have such fun!” Then he gives the children a quick light-hearted see-you-soon wave with his hand and begins cleaning his work counter.

With that the two young girls and boy move away from the stand, enjoying their refreshing cold treats. Oddly I see them start to examine the ice cream cones in their hands. They are comparing cones and talking inquisitively. Focusing carefully on their cones I am aware that two additional scoops of ice cream have been added to each double scoop they already have. All three children suddenly notice me and come running towards me calling out, “Grandma, why? How did this happen? Look at all the ice cream!” I don’t know them, but I am thrilled that they used the endearing term “Grandma” when addressing me.

We are all perplexed by what we see has happened. I have no concrete answer to give them. “I’m not sure why there are now four scoops of ice cream instead of two,” I answer. “Maybe because the ice cream is melting and you cannot eat it fast enough. Or could it be that the man in the ice cream stand understands how quickly the ice cream melts and he is making sure he gives you what you need?” They each have puzzled expressions on their sweet faces. I can tell they are trying to find a satisfactory explanation for this phenomenon. ice cream cone with 8 scoops stacked tallImmediately the children look at their cones again. Shockingly the four scoops have become ten. Ten scoops! This is amazing! How is it possible? It has to be supernatural!

The children are now joyfully dancing and twirling with glee while holding ice cream cones. “It’s real! It’s real! Look at the ice cream! It’s real!” the oldest girl shouts. They have passed the state of being fascinated. They are wholeheartedly embracing the miracle of multiplication that they have been witnessing. The atmosphere has become electrified with excitement!

Immediately I look up and see a metal ladder beside each child. There is no need for a ladder in the middle of a desert. Yet each child now is standing next to one. The young boy is very adventurous. He climbs up the ladder and begins to eat his frozen treat as fast as he can, hoping it won’t melt. “I like eating from the top,” he comments. My grandma instinct kicks in and I rush over to hold him and the ladder. He is unaware of any possible danger.

The two girls also climb up their ladders. All three children are now on the highest rung eating cones that are excessively full of ice cream. I notice the treats are melting rapidly. On the ground under each ladder, are puddles of melted ice cream.

Snakes, rodents, reptiles, even a desert tortoise slowly begin crawling and creeping towards us from all directions. They must sense there is available food. I am wondering where they came from and how they arrived so quickly. The children look at the creatures from their ladders. They are not scared nor bothered.  All three children start purposefully knocking off the scoops of ice cream, letting them fall to the ground.

More and more desert critters come crawling. The children get down off the ladders and hold out handfuls of ice cream so the creatures can eat. As each scoop of ice cream disappears another scoop shows up. The oldest girl says, “I hear the man in the ice cream stand telling me, “just say what you need.”

The children are so pure and accepting. They begin to call out “more ice cream, and water for them to drink.”  I can tell the three youngsters are getting much satisfaction out of seeing the creatures thriving now. Over and over as the three call out their needs, more ice cream and containers of water are visible. The desert animals and reptiles eat and drink until they have thoroughly filled themselves. Three brave children gather up the creatures, checking each one to see that it has no injuries. There is an indescribable connection happening between the animals and the children.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see the man from the ice cream stand approaching. His entire face is lit up as his huge smile expresses great joy. He winks at me and says, “God’s words spoken through you will do the same thing as I do. Your words can create.” As he says this, the children come running over to him. He gives them all a hug and lovingly says to them, “I see how you started out wanting ice cream for yourself. It changed when you saw the need of the creatures. You called out what you needed and received more ice cream and water. You made sure the creatures were fed and taken care of.” The three youngsters hug him back and squeal with delight, “We are happy the animals are full. We want to be like you!”

My heart begins beating profusely. I recognize this has been Jesus all along. I can feel His heart pulsating with love. Every beat burning heart shaped flames of firesends electrical waves of love into the air which we all see. I capture waves in my hands and give them to each of the children. The three young ones now begin to catch waves on their own. Waves of love, waves of glory are enveloping us all. This is pure, unconditional love coming from Jesus’ heart. Everywhere I look I see His love. The Presence of God is resting upon all of us.

Jesus tells the children He must go. Their voices quiver a bit as they beg Him, “Don’t go.” He assures them He is always with them and will always talk with them, even if they can’t see Him. Jesus takes each of the children into His arms, tenderly kisses them and blesses His cherished little ones.

Before He leaves He turns and speaks to me saying, “These children are precious to me. Help nurture their inborn sense of wonder and trust. Remind them that they have an unseen Heavenly Father and a best friend Jesus who watches over and cares for them. Help them find their security in My strong love. Tell them how I changed water into wine and how I multiplied loaves and fishes to feed so many.” He added, “These children will not forget their experience today of creating from their spoken word. Helping the creatures will soon become helping people and drawing them into My Kingdom. Let them know they are able to do what I did because I am in them. I placed the ladders as a gateway between heaven and earth. As they climbed the ladders I was depositing revelation into them. The seeds of My words within them will grow and bring a harvest.”

blue, white, and purple celestial heart with beams of light bursting forthMy heart is still racing listening to the One sharing His words with me. Gratefully, with tears I respond, “Yes Jesus, I will lovingly nurture them in their walk with You.” And with those words, He ceases to be visible.

I look over where the ice cream stand once was. Only a few small puddles of ice cream are still in the dirt. The ladders are gone also.

Ice cream in the desert was not only for the children to experience but also for me. From the foundations of the earth we are created to recognize and respond to God’s voice. These children did just that. The innocence, excitement and pure trust of the children, in addition to tangibly experiencing His perfect love and Presence emotionally, moved me today.

I hug each of the children knowing they represent my grandchildren as well as all children. I recognize the undeniable love of Jesus within each of them. I tell them I will see them again. They gleefully respond, “Okay Grandma!” and skip away. As I watch these little ones disappear,woman with bowed head and hands over heart I put my hand on my heart and say, “Yes, Jesus. The desert ice cream encounter with You taught me well. We are all Your children who have 100% of You within us. You are the power, we are Your vessels.”


Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.”  Ephesians 3:20-21

“And He took the children [one by one] in His arms and blessed them [with kind, encouraging words], placing His hands on them.”  Mark 10:16 (AMP)

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  1. Yes!!! We are created to recognise and respond to God’s voice. Glory to God!

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