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Divine Hunger Awakens

I am in a time of praying to Papa God that He will cultivate my heart and awaken the divine hunger within me so that I can bear His Presence even more. I sense that angels are surrounding me and putting a sheer translucent cloth over me. They are separating out the distracting things and ministering God’s glory to me so that once again I will experience Him in an overwhelming way.

Immediately I see in my spirit that I am in the midst of a crowd of people spanning many city blocks.head of horse with magnificent ornamental headstall There is a tremendous amount of excitement in the air. I wonder what is happening. Why all this excitement? I am stuffed in this crowd and unable to see anything other than lots and lots of people.

I hear the sound of marching hooves, of approaching horses. I stand on my tiptoes to stretch upwards, but can barely see the horses. There are sixteen of them. They are powerful, strong, majestic creatures. They have big chests and are extremely muscular. High, white plumes adorn their headstalls. White saddle blankets are over their backs. They are wearing breast collars with brilliant gold and sparkling silver on them. I’m stunned by the resplendence of these horses. Oh, the workmanship of what they are wearing. It looks like nothing I have ever seen before. These horses are breathtakingly distinctive in their magnificence. Much more than any show horse ever could be!

Behind the horses is a carriage. With precision, the horses come to a stop. I am close enough now to the horses that I see a herald holding a brass coronation style trumpet. I am aware that the trumpet has been hand-crafted for this particular herald.

The herald is now standing on something high. He takes his trumpet, puts it to his lips and blows a clarion call to those that can hear. He then announces in a loud voice, ”Hear ye, hear ye. The king has been summoned by the heart cry of his people. He has responded to your call. Your majesty, the king of the people, has arrived!”

My heart throbs. Who is this king? I have never been in the presence of a royal king before. A doorman steps forward and opens the carriage door. All I can see is a beautiful, splendid white robe. The doorman extends his hand and helps the king out of the door. He stands before the people. A long beautiful white train is flowing from his robe. I’m astounded. I have never seen such regal, exquisite beauty.

The king turns and begins to walk in my direction. Once in a while I am able to get a good look at him. The crowd parts as he passes by. People are throwing rose petals in front of him. My heart cries longingly, “If only I could see him better!”

He is coming closer. A brilliant light is radiating from him. It is as if all I can see now is the light. He is still slowly moving through the crowds, but approaching me. Through the radiance of the light, I catch a glimpse of the grandeur of his robe. It is spectacular. A gold sash is wrapped around his robe, and there are dazzling, sparkling jewels on his crown. So many jewels! His crown looks heavy, but he carries it upon his head with such ease. golden ornamental sceptor

I see that he is holding a scepter. It is very large, impressive, and noble looking. I tell myself that he must be a sovereign king who rules with power and authority.

I want to get closer, but I am afraid. I am not dressed properly. My hair is a mess. I have no makeup on. I’m only here to see why this awesome, royal person stopped and got out among this crowd of people.

As I think this, I realize he is continuing to walk towards me. The closer he gets, the more brilliant the light emanating from him becomes. My legs become weak and I fall down. I recognize that he is indeed a king! He is the King of Light! I am not seeing the people around me anymore. Is the world slowing down? Are the people in slow motion? Why can’t I see the people around me? All I can see is HIM! My heart is beating so hard. Oh, but he won’t be aware of me in this crowd I tell myself. Soon he’ll pass by me and I’ll then see the fullness of the train of his robe. I briefly catch sight of it. It is very long and extends considerably to the sides.

I am unable to stand up. The King of Light walks straight towards me. There’s a quiet hush that fills the air. What is happening? Oh my, what is happening? He is stopping! And right in front of me! He is turning. He is looking at me! Those eyes! That love! The love in his eyes is overwhelming me!

He knows me! He holds out his hand. He says to me, “Come away with me, my beloved.” I hesitate. “Oh, my Lord,” I emphatically tell him. “I can’t go with you. I am not dressed appropriately. I am not prepared.” He holds out his hand. I am aware of the passion racing out of me to Him. I put my hand out and touch His. Instantly I am transformed!

bride with divine hunger in magnificent bejeweled wedding dressI no longer have my old clothes on. I am beautiful. He says to me, “You are altogether lovely.” The dress that I have on now is the most beautiful, stunning, glorious dress I have ever seen. It is white and it sparkles. I believe His words to me that I am altogether lovely.

He draws me out of the crowd and puts my arm through his. This is my Jesus, my Jesus! We begin walking towards the carriage. Where are we going? Why are we doing this? We are leaving the people who came to see this king. Why?

We arrive at the carriage and are escorted into it. I sit with Him and He tenderly says, “I have known you since before you were born.” My heart is completely captured by His words. I am consumed and enthralled with the King. He and I are sitting together sharing a great, divine exchange of incomprehensible love!

I recognize how He has been dedicated to me since before I was born. I can’t seem to sit close enough to Him. I lean into Him. The carriage begins to move. I wonder… where are we going?

We travel a little, or maybe a lot. I don’t know how far. I am just so taken by His love for me. His deep, genuine love for me overwhelms me.

enormous beautiful castle in an isolated landscapeThe carriage comes to a stop and the door is opened for us. We leave the carriage and walk up many steps to the entrance of a magnificent palace. Jesus lets me know this is where I am living with Him for eternity! Only He isn’t saying it, He is singing it! He rejoices over me with singing!

As He sings, the palace doors open and I am looking into the residence of my sovereign king. I am by myself now but I know it is because He wants me to see something special. He has escorted me here, but now He takes His rightful place.

Oh! I see a Throne with a rainbow all around it. What beautiful colors. The Throne is immersed with flames surrounding it. Fire, fire, fire… it’s one continuous fire! And there seated at the Throne is an indescribably glorious Person with hair so pure and white. His appearance seems to sparkle like gems. He is glorious beyond words that I can describe. I see a bright arch that goes around the entire Throne. I listen. I can hear what sounds like thunder coming from this Throne. Ethereal, angelic voices filled with adoration, reverence, and exaltation are singing “Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty; who was, and is, and is to come.” The sublime music being played with heavenly instruments permeates the air. I am witnessing such glory!

luminescent divine throne of God surrounded by trumpeting angelsAnd there is my King! There is the love of my life. He is sitting at the right hand of His Father. His loveliness and splendor are beyond adequate description. He is bidding me to come to Him!

This is not forbidden ground. I have been invited. Jesus tells me that I may draw near to the Throne. He says to me, “Come confidently, fearlessly and boldly. This is for you to share with Me. Come!” I respond to His invitation. The reality of who I am in Him causes me to walk with confidence and assurance to the Throne where Jesus is seated.

My heart is so full of gratitude knowing what Jesus has done on the cross. I join the thousands upon ten thousands in the angelic choir singing, “Holy, Holy, Holy.” Suddenly a new song rises up within me and I sing to Him, “My Beloved King Jesus, how I love You. I want to bring others here to gaze into Your loving eyes and to see Your Throne of beauty! Let me walk hand in hand with You in the destiny You have for me. Thank You, Jesus, that I am Your beloved and You are mine.”

And to think that I may not have come on my own. I may have just looked at myself and not seen me the way Jesus sees me. But when He held out His hand and touched me I was changed. My eyes were opened to His truth of who I am. I am the Righteousness of God in Christ Jesus!

With tears streaming down my face I look into Jesus’ eyes, and with deep adoration, I say to Him, “Thank you for awakening the divine hunger in my heart to Your wondrous, eternal love. Thank You for preparing my heart to bear even more of Your Magnificent Presence!”

Song of Songs 6:3 “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.”


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