Listen! Can you hear the angels gathering? Are you taking in the rattling and rumbling noise of extreme movement in the spiritual realm? Are you apprehending the massive angelic battalion released to do combat over cities and governments throughout the world?

Papa God is directing the angels to respond to His word spoken through the prayers, decrees, and declarations of His people.

Your intercession throws the nets out into the sea of humanity, and into the sea of established governing bodies of nations, states, communities, and organizations.

What happens when He pulls the nets in? Explosions! Expect to see and hear more explosions of His Glory! One by one the nets are being pulled in. Keep interceding. You’re doing exactly what Papa God wants you to do.

You are an awesome, valued, integral part of the people of Earth under the reign of our mighty, holy Father God, Jesus Christ His Son, and Holy Spirit.

You are taking the heights like the eagles. You are flying in the heavenly realm where He is releasing spiritual adrenaline, piercing eyesight, and the revelation of 1 Corinthians 2:9 within you.

Keep on keeping on! Escalation is happening!