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Encounters with EXTREME – Part 2

green hue photo as through night vision goggles for extreme encountersPeriodically I am asked if I have encountered the angel EXTREME again since my post on September 20. I have been remembering his words from the first time I met him, “I’ll be working with you. You will understand my name.” With confidence I have been waiting for him to return.

This morning EXTREME was here again.

He handed me a pair of night vision goggles. As I accepted the goggles he told me the goggles are able to bring visibility beyond what a human being’s natural vision picks up. EXTREME continued by saying thermal imaging can show where an area has been disturbed or changed. Interesting. Changed how? His words cause me to think I am going to be involved in an investigative activity.

During my encounter with EXTREME I also received a gas mask and an air tank from him, which made me fairly nervous. I’ve seen combat pictures. I understand what a gas mask and an air tank represent in those pictures. The angel calmly responded to my fear. “The dust will be thick. But then the air will be clean. Forgiveness will be a reality. Love will be strong. You’ll be fine”, he declared.

Those words were resonating in my spirit. I waited to hear more from EXTREME, but he was gone. I’m anticipating his next assignment with me.  Maybe (hopefully) next time he will stay longer.

I am stirred by his visit because I believe the angel named EXTREME was indicating we will be seeing an extreme degree of events, discoveries, happenings and circumstances in the coming days and years. He came as a ministering angel sent by God to bring the assurance that we are all going to be fine in these tumultuous days. Because Jesus said “Yes” to His Father in the garden, we now say “Amen” to the promises of God.  Our good, good Father loves and values us all. His Peace, Rest and Love will prevail.

2 Corinthians 1:20 “For no matter how many promises God has made, they are “Yes” in Christ. And so through him the “Amen” is spoken by us to the glory of God.”


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  1. Wow! So beautiful and so powerful. May this love overflow in us and through us!

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