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Heavenly Doors – Part 1

ornate double doors opened showing sun rays behind clouds

“Why are you waiting?” I hear a voice ask me. “Why am I waiting for what?” I answer as I turn around to see the angel who often makes himself known to me.  He is standing a bit behind me. I have the feeling he has been there for quite some time. “Waiting for me to show you more heavenly doors”.

“Oh! I’m always ready for more.” I talk with him as I do a friend who is enjoying a cup of coffee with me. He knows my language. Nothing complicated, just to the point.

“Let’s go then. Come with me.” He is eager to do his bidding from God. “Okay. I’m ready,” I enthusiastically tell him.

The angel puts his hands on my shoulders. I feel us lifting up. A wind briskly brushes over me. I quickly turn my head glancing to see if he is still behind me. The liveliness and joy on his face are undeniable. This angel must have been thrilled to answer the call from Papa God to take me with him. We continue to rise higher.

“Do you remember the last time you were up beyond the universes?” he asks me. “Oh yes, of course I do. I will never forget it. The unknown space was filled with nothing but open doors. Quadrillions of them, and more.“

He continues to converse with me. ”I’ve heard you tell friends that you darted in and out of many doors. I like your word darted. It’s like flying super fast, isn’t it?” he added. “You informed friends there were so many open doors. One right next to another and they continued endlessly. I know what you did when you entered each door, but give me the details. It thrills me.”

It feels strange to be having a conversation as we elevate higher, but I reply, “I grab a poster which hangs on a wall inside every door. I tuck it under my arm and dart through the next open door.”

In a thoughtful manner, he mindfully states “I AM is pleased watching you as you pull the posters off the walls, realizing they hold treasures you will discover later.”  I attempt to assimilate the incredible words I hear.

new galaxy with bright light streaking from it into darkness of the universe

We are moving upward at such speed I feel somewhat dizzy. My eyes shut momentarily. When I open them I see we are in the middle of the sea of doors again. There is no floor, no ground to stand on. I am suspended in air with my angel and wonder if there is actually air to breathe and exist on here. We are beyond galaxies, universes, and far beyond my comprehension of this expanse of space.

The sight of endless open doors again is overwhelming. It feels as though I was just here, flying inside door after door gathering the one poster which hangs on a wall inside each door.

I begin to tell the angel of the quadrillions of doors that surrounded me last time. He casts a broad smile my way and I realize it was he who brought me here originally.

Continuing to share the experience again with him, I relate that I went through only nine doors total and quickly snatched each wall sign. When this angel placed me back home previously, I felt compelled to unroll the posters and read what each said.  Strangely, however, I was allowed to read only three.

path surrounded by evergreen trees and mountain range in distance

“Tell me what the three posters had written on them,” the angel inquires. “I will, but first may I ask your name?” I am curious about his name, and not sure why I hadn’t thought to question him before. He seems to pleasantly approve my curiosity. “Pathfinder,” he replies with a smile that pierces through me.  I look at him in shock and surprise.  “Are you helping me find new paths that Papa God has set before me?” He doesn’t answer directly. He lifts his arms upward, he lowers his head and reverently proclaims in a loud voice, “To God be the Glory!”

Tears well up in my eyes.

I explain that all three posters I unrolled had only one word on them. “The first poster read Bereavement. It caused me to wonder if tragedy was forthcoming. But Holy Spirit had me research the word and I discovered bereavement is not grief, but rather the time spent adjusting to a loss.” Pathfinder listens intently as I share my experience of giving up my years of Old Covenant living and embracing the New Covenant that Jesus died to give me. “It is an adjustment” he agrees, “to willingly lose a major part of your former spiritual life.”

“Yes!” I respond, thinking of how I’ve progressed in grasping the truth that I am indeed the Righteousness of God in Christ.

“The second poster read Perspective. I knew Papa God was telling me to encourage whoever I can to have His Throne Room perspective only, instead of what our flesh comprehends and evaluates. His eyes are on all of us, taking care and loving each one with His unconditional Daddy love.”

rolled up poster“Poster number three read Metaphor,” I tell Pathfinder. “Isn’t that odd?” I continue. “Metaphors are symbolic. But someone wrote that a metaphor is the crowbar by which we pry open the doors to truth and life. We are to come into agreement with the metaphors.” He chuckled and said, “and you are one who is so visual and has so many symbolic encounters. Come into agreement with them. Isn’t I AM awesome!”

“He is magnificent, glorious, holy, majestic, amazing,…” I break into sobs of gratitude to my Papa God. “I cannot adequately express my love of Him.” Pathfinder squeezes my shoulders in a comforting way. “I understand,” he tells me.

“Go ahead now,” Pathfinder directs me. “Gather more posters. Regardless of how many times I bring you here, you will not be able to go through all the open doors nor acquire the entire amount of posters within them. Get what you can.”

“Okay,” I answer. With that, his hands lift off my shoulders and I dart through another door.

(“Heavenly Doors” will continue next week with Part 2. Stay tuned!)

“I know a man in Christ who fourteen years ago was caught up to the third heaven — whether in the body or out of the body I do not know, God knows.  And I know that this man was caught up into paradise — whether in the body or out of the body I do not know, God knows.”  Corinthians 12:2-3 ESV


  1. Great testimony. Very encouraging. There is so much that has been given to us to experience, for us to be blessed in this way to be a blessing. Sometimes the feeling that time is slipping away so quickly & I haven’t even started causes me to “panic” (I realize this panic doesn’t come from Father!) I need to view these things from a different perspective … the Throne Room …?…wondering how I do this ?

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