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Heavenly Doors – Part 2

An angel named Pathfinder has taken me again beyond the universes to see endless heavenly doors. I gather a poster hanging on the wall inside each door I fly through.

The following is an excerpt from the end of Part 1.

“Go ahead now,” Pathfinder directs me. “Gather more posters. Regardless of how many times I bring you here, you will not be able to go through all the open doors nor acquire the entire amount of posters within them. Get what you can.”

“Okay,” I answer. With that, his hands lift off my shoulders and I dart through another door.” 

Part 2

The poster hanging on this wall is waiting for me to seize it. As I do, it becomes rolled and I easily put it under my arm as I fly through the next open door. I continue moving rapidly into door after door, collecting posters off each wall. I’m tempted to count how many I have under my arm. The number would confirm what a small area in this vast expanse of doors I can actually cover each time I’m here. I stop momentarily to gaze at the view of infinite doors. There is so much more to discover in my life as the daughter of My King.

Pathfinder smiles and asks me if I am tired. I tell him I feel no sensation of being tired.  Icon symbol of "No Time"He chuckles. I know he laughs because in the spiritual realm there are no time or physical limitations. “Let’s see what posters I have collected,”  I say.  As I start to take the posters from under my arm, he puts his hand on them to stop me from doing so. “You will, soon,” he tells me.

I feel a pull as we are being propelled downward. We descend rapidly, causing me to shut my eyes as I experience the speed we are traveling.  We reach a point when Pathfinder causes us to move slowly and then stop. To my surprise, I am looking into the center of a massive kitchen, suspended in the heavens. There is much preparation taking place here. The heavenly host is operating with passionate fervor, moving among the work tables.  Pathfinder keeps us there until he seems satisfied with seeing my inquisitiveness. We continue to descend until in a flash, I am back in my own kitchen where I first heard Pathfinder talking to me.

I engage him in conversation and tell Pathfinder I feel as if I have been attached to an arrow when I am among the doors. I perceive I am catapulted with acceleratedpoint of arrow directly in center of bullseye speed towards a target, the poster. “Yes,” he says. “I AM is reminding you He is the Bowyer, you are His arrow. His plans for you are not secret. They are deep within your heart. The posters are revealing His plan in a way He knows will have a gripping effect on you.”

Instantly as he speaks I hear many voices singing, “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings.” “Who is singing?” I ask Pathfinder. “It is the company of those who are surrounding and guiding you as you have totally submitted yourself to the Kingdom school of I AM, His Son Jesus, and Holy Spirit.” A tightness comes over my chest as I become acutely aware of my own breathing. Affirming what he tells me, I shout, “I have abandoned all other schools! I am internalizing and manifesting the teaching of the King!”

Pathfinder lets me catch my breath, then instructs me. “Now it is time to unroll the six posters that you were not able to open from your first visit through the doors.” I don’t have to look for the posters. They immediately appear in front of me. One by one, I unroll the six.

Poster number one reads Uncompounded. “Oh! Free from the mixture of Old Covenant and New Covenant teaching for His church! No mixture regarding the truth of who and whose we are! It’s the New Covenant relationship that Jesus paid the price to give us,” I exclaim. “And He sees His Church free from disorder! No more cultural discrimination. Living in the pure, perfect nature of Almighty God.” Pathfinder nods.

Regeneration is written on the second one, which speaks of revitalizing the gifts within the Body of Christ that have become dormant and forgotten.  As He is so are we in this world. Regeneration also reconnects us to the deep things in the mind of Christ for the purpose of His Kingdom.

On poster number three, I see the word Invasion. I tell Pathfinder that it sounds like a military term. But my spirit understands it indicates taking back the occupation of areas once seized by the enemy. Matthew 11:12 (Amp) “From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violent assault, and violent men seize it by force [as a precious prize].”

My spirit is rejoicing!  Preparation is being made in the heavenly realm as well as within the Church for the Bride of Christ to possess her rightful place! The kitchen Pathfinder allowed me to see is the place of nurturing and preparation. The kitchen has always been the heart of the home. Jesus’ heart is nurturing His Bride.

Number four poster reads Confidence. This poster conveys complete trust and belief in who we are in Christ. We are one with Him. We live as He lives in us. With this confidence, we are empowered, strengthened and engaged in Kingdom living.

woman contemplating and sitting at doorway to her tent Extension is written on poster five. The Body of Christ is coming into a time of limitless understanding of our true identity and authority in Him. The operation and execution of that authority is taking place beyond where walls used to stand in the Body of Christ. I tell Pathfinder that I think of Isaiah 54:2. “Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes.” The words “do not hold back” in this scripture ring loudly.

The last poster I have been told to look at has the word Quest written on it. “Be in constant pursuit of obtaining all that is available to you,” Pathfinder whispers. “Move forward on this quest and stir up the supernatural unseen realm that is around everyone.” This adventurous expedition with Pathfinder is amazing! I’m grateful that he is leading and guiding me.

“When will I be able to open the posters I gathered this time?” I ask him. “You will know. Holy Spirit is with you and will lead you into the time and the teaching within the posters. He is your connection between the seen and the unseen realm.”

“Does this mean you will not be taking me back into the vast expanse of open doors?” A twinge of sadness comes over me. Pathfinder answers me, “My joy is doing as I AM assigns me. Remember the voices that sang His word to you? I am part of that company.”

With that, he steps aside and is gone.

Sitting in my chair, communing with my glorious King Jesus, I thank Him for His grace, His outrageous love, His life in me, and for this tremendous encounter once again. My heart is flooded in praise and I cry out, “I have many more posters yet to be unrolled, Jesus!”thousands of shimmering gold flakes I can hardly control the tears of yearning that have come over me.

“My King Jesus, You know the inexhaustible thirst I have to keep learning from You and my Papa God!” I drop to my knees with a burning desire for more of what only He can provide.

In an instant, I hear soft angelic music from a heavenly choir responding to my cry. This soothing, melodious music fills every portion of my home and I feel the liquid love of Jesus being poured over me. I smile as His overwhelming, glorious, wondrous love envelopes me.

I know who is singing.

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“See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut.”  Revelation. 3:8a



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