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Heavenly Doors – Part 3

This morning presents itself as a perfect time to be in the pool, soak up the warmth of the sun, listen to my favorite worship songs, and enjoy the stillness of the early daytime hours.

vibrant swimming pool entrance with stairs and ladder

“Okay!” I hear as the word resonates in a boisterous, emphatic manner. It seems someone is speaking through a megaphone. I look up and around, expecting to identify where the voice is coming from. “Okay!” comes the word again, with several voices echoing in unison.

Looking skyward I question aloud. “Excuse me?” My dog, who lazily lays on the patio, abruptly sits up and barks at the silence being broken. Steadily my eyes search for the source of the repeated word I hear.

“Okaaay” I hear one more time. The inflection in the voice sounds playful. It’s time for me to get out of the pool and investigate.

As I climb out and sit on a bench, the angel I know as Pathfinder appears. He sits beside me. “Take a look,” he says as he raises his hand. wispy white cloth being blown by wind Wind momentarily blows our way. From just above the tree line in our yard, many angels lower themselves to a standing position around the edge of the pool, seemingly at attention, waiting for a command to be given. My eyes quickly scan these angels. Their bodies vary in shape, height, and weight. Many appear quite muscular. I am surprised as I look closer to realize there is a wispy, iridescent film of light coming from within each one and wrapping itself around them.

Shocked at seeing so many angels present, I inquire of Pathfinder. “Are all of you here to take me to the heavenly doors again?” Pathfinder answers me. “We are constantly with you. Your home is a habitation of angels. I AM has us ministering to you, helping you to get to the right place at the right time. These observe how thrilled you are when you dart through the open heavenly doors and grab a poster.” He smiles, still liking my use of the word dart when I relate my previous experiences. (Heavenly Doors – Part 1 and Part 2)

It has been a few months on the calendar since Pathfinder took me high into the cosmos to be among the interminable open doors. I have wondered often when the opportunity to travel upwards into the endless expanse of the heavenlies would come again.

“Does Papa God say I can go now?” I ask Pathfinder. “Yes,” he replies, acknowledging my anticipation. “Are these angels coming with us this time?” I am very curious if this will be a similar experience to the last two times. “They always come along. You just haven’t been aware of them before,” he tells me. He takes my hand and I feel the wind beneath us rapidly lifting me upwards.

Of the angels He says, “He makes his angels winds…”  Hebrews 1:7

We begin to increase speed and accelerate quickly. We pass the sun, the planets, and stars. We travel past the galaxies, the universes, and far beyond the cosmological horizon. It is astounding to experience the reality of the ever-expanding space. This vast “space of nothingness,” as I’ve read it is called, is not at all dark matter or dark energy. It is full of brilliant, intensely bright light as far as I can see. There is movement, there is activity.

millions of flakes of gold with light shining in background

As I gaze at the awesome wonder encompassing us, our speed decreases as if we are in slow motion. Once again, suspended in space, I am surrounded by the infinite number of heavenly doors. There is no end to the doors and no gap between them. Every door is open, inviting me to once again dart inside one, then another, then another.

I wait for Pathfinder to tell me to go ahead and seize the poster hanging inside each door I enter. But instead, he tells me my instructions from I AM are to take the poster from only one specific open door. “How do I know which door?” I ask. I feel the wind capture my body and in a sweeping motion place me in front of an open door. “This is the one,” I hear as a concert of voices directs me.

Flying into the open door before me, I grab the poster off the wall, put it under my arm and come out to where Pathfinder waits for me. “Now we are to head back,” he exclaims. I question him with my eyes. He continues, “What is written on this singular poster is extremely important for you to understand”.

rolled up scroll With the poster rolled up and under my arm, he takes hold of my hand and we begin to descend. Our speed hastens. I feel as if we are in an elevator which has lost its support cables. We stop quickly and I am aware we are outside my home, once again on the bench beside my pool.

“I am staying with you while you discover what the poster says,” Pathfinder cheerfully tells me. I interpret the tone in his comment to mean he is as curious to find out as I am. Carefully unrolling the poster I read the word printed on it.


It sounds like Pathfinder gasps in astonishment. Or maybe it’s excitement. He exclaims, “Membrane is a metaphor! Metaphor is one of the first three posters you unrolled. You had read that you are to come into agreement with the metaphor!” I ask him, “What does Papa God want me to understand from seeing this word?”

Pathfinder calmly advises me to tell him what comes to my mind when I hear the word membrane.

Trying to remember from biology class, I tell him “membranes cover, line, or separate various parts of the body. The cell membrane allows some substances to pass through it but prevents other substances. A membrane around joints allows motion. I’m not a medical student. I don’t recall much of the information, but I know the skin is a membrane that covers and protects the entire body. There is a membrane which acts as a defense within cavities open to the environment, and membranes that cover organs which keep the organs from friction if they bump into other structures in the body.”

“I think I recall that membranes are not simple or spontaneous. They are made up of complex lipids, each with different characteristics and functions. The body does not see the membranes working, but favorably responds to the coverage and protection they bring.”

“Do you hear what you are telling me?” Pathfinder inquires. My spirit jumps with emotion. I feel like a light bulb just turned on inside my head!

“Oh Pathfinder, Holy Spirit always points to JESUS! Papa God had me find and open only this poster. He wants to bring us back to the Source of life. “Papa God keeps telling us JESUS CHRIST is the true membrane holding the Body together! He is our defense against the discord bringing a lack of harmony to the body. He is our protector! He is the one necessity which will hold us through any trial or storm.”

“He wants us to not be discouraged by what we see with our eyes, or hear with our ears, but to look to Him and see what He is doing in the spirit realm.”

“We look not at what can be seen but at what cannot be seen; for what can be seen is temporary, but what cannot be seen is eternal.” ~ 2 Corinthians 4:18

I continue expressing my heart to Pathfinder. “I am extremely bothered by the division and strife in this day. There is a tremendous pull by the adversary to get the Body of Christ focused elsewhere and to focus the people of our country elsewhere. JESUS is who holds us together! His love takes care of the friction! He is our strength! We are called to function as the cells, organisms, and organs placed within His Body.”

“Yes,” Pathfinder responds. “I AM desires that His body understands you need each other. Each time an organism’s problem is resolved it transmits positive signals to the body which are significant to the whole. Every component of His body is an integral part. Build each other up. Speak to one another with words of encouragement. There is untapped potential in everyone. Set your minds on the eternal picture.”

A wind passes over Pathfinder and me. I see the numerous angels encircling the edge of the pool again. The one closest to me lifts a scroll and reads:

It is written: “My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in Me through their message, that all of them may be one, Father, just as You are in Me and I am in You. May they also be in Us so that the world may believe that You have sent Me. I have given them the glory that You gave Me, that they may be one as We are one.”  ~ John 17:20-22

waterfall appearing to be yellow or gold with ranging fire in backgroundUpon hearing the words he reads, the other angels bend down on their knees, immersing their cupped hands in the water. As they rise up and lift their hands out of the pool, the water falling from their hands forms a glistening gold waterfall flowing back into the source. It is truly liquid gold flowing continuously from their hands. The abundance of gold is intense and is overwhelming me. I lean on Pathfinder and yield entirely to the beauty of this sight.

“Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls ~ Psalm 42:7

I tearfully say to Pathfinder. “Thank you, and thank You, Papa God, for taking me to this special heavenly door. The profound depth of Papa God’s heart is calling to the depth of His Body. He is reawakening what He has deposited in us. JESUS is the answer. And we, the Bride of Christ, are rising and responding to His call.” Pathfinder smiles and says, “That loving, pure response from the Bride of Christ is gold in the eyes and heart of I AM. Let the love of Jesus and the mind of Christ be foremost in your lives”.

“Oh JESUS,” I call out, “You are the perfect, unfailing, trustworthy, powerful, victorious, holy one. Thank You for showing us the love of Papa God. Thank you for holding Your bride together as one. We exalt Your Holy Name. Our eyes are on only You!”

The waterfall of gold ceases. I do not see Pathfinder or the other angels now, but I am confident they are with me always. I will be ready when they come again to take me to the open heavenly doors.












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  1. Leona Patricia Lowe

    November 14, 2017 at 10:33 am

    WOW !! I have enjoyed the blogs I have read so far; BUT Heavenly Doors has STIRRED up a strong desire to be AWAKENED and experience what You have. THIS LEAVES ME IN AWE OF WHAT OUR AWESOME ABBA HAS FOR US !!! Thank You so much for sharing ~~ Blessings to You !!

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