Some gentle thoughts of love to you from the heart of Papa God.

Are you completely wrecked when you contemplate God’s gift of new life? Remember, you are a signpost that points people toward the most loving Papa who wants desperately to enfold them in His Grace.

You have ears that are fine-tuned to the promptings of Holy Spirit. He shreds the old, defective formula and causes the Love of God, revealed in Jesus Christ through you, to penetrate deep into the core of each man, woman, and child you encounter. Jesus, God’s Living Love Letter, becomes alive within their hearts.

As you continue to walk with Holy Spirit, you have no idea what role He has ordained for you to play. Ahhhh, the mystery and excitement of this vibrant life! You can’t predict the time frame of someone coming to faith or the miracle He has planned. Our Triune God providentially plays that part.

You are the love-carrier of the greatest news known to humanity. The simple act of cooperating with Holy Spirit’s mysterious promptings leans you into discovering who has been lost; freeing who has been enslaved; healing and restoring who has been damaged; bringing hope where there has been none; being the unconditional love of Jesus to those feeling unloved; declaring “you are the Righteousness of God in Christ” to those who believe they are unworthy, and bringing the dead to life. What a walk in this spiritual exchange you have with Him!

You don’t need to carry a sign. Your life of a loving relationship with Jesus and your confidence in only Him causes you to be the sign. Papa God swings the doors wide open and you walk right into the amazing NOW activity of heaven! He delights in co-laboring with you.

The Veil by artist Dinah Rau

“The Veil”

You have already been launched into exciting experiences with Papa God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, The Cloud of Witnesses, and the Angelic Realm. Right now is your joyful, glorious, triumphant time of living in oneness with Him.

Just look at you! You are radiantly beaming in the Light of His Glory! Indeed, you are His signpost.