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In the Checkout Line?

supermarket checkout lineIn the checkout line of a store today, I was watching the cashier who seemed to be very distraught. It was evident she was uptight and agitated. The person in front of me finished his transaction and left with his bags.

As I stood waiting for my items to be rung up, the young cashier was approached by a person appearing to be a manager. The manager stepped her back a bit and began speaking loudly and seemingly unkindly to her. The cashier listened to her with complete disagreement in her eyes. The manager left abruptly.

Then the cashier began telling me how unfair it is that she hadn’t gotten her break. The break was supposed to be at a certain time but she was told she couldn’t take it. She continued by telling me if she went on her break ‘now’ it would run into her dinner time. No extra time would be added to her dinner break. She was weary and tired of fighting. She explained that the manager was “terrible” and “never wanted to help me. I’ve asked over and over,” she explained.

I was feeling the Holy Spirit’s nudge to pray, but my reaction was to assess the situation. There were people in line behind me. This young lady had been through a trying time and probably didn’t want attention focused on her. But compassion for her rose up in me and I mentioned to her that she is very, very special to Jesus.

She continued running my items through the scanner. She appeared to be ignoring me and did not reply. When I paid my bill I again told her how special she is, that Jesus loves her and sees her struggle. I asked her if I could pray for the favor of Jesus for her. She just nodded with tears in her eyes.

I stood closer to her and prayed that the Lord would bring strength to her body and relieve the tiredness she was feeling. I prayed His favor to be evident upon her and that He would grant her the break she needed because she is a child of God and Jesus is crazy in love with her.

Just as we together said “amen” the manager came over, apologized to this precious girl and said she could go on her break “now.” Light came into my cashier’s darkness. Her entire countenance changed. She hugged me and scooted off to rest on her well-deserved break.

The Lord cares for each one of us. He is so willing to show He is with us. I have to admit I was shocked at how quickly the manager just had to respond to the favor of God! I pray that tonight this young lady has a restful, refreshing evening knowing Jesus has His loving arms around her.

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  1. Thank You Jesus!

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