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It’s Not Over

cute colorful drawing of young woman with cleaning suppliesWhile cleaning the floors recently, and having my mind void of any particular thoughts, I hear an audible voice saying “It’s not over!”

What? What’s not over? Of course it’s not over, company is coming and I have lots of floors yet to clean.

Then I hear the angelic realm echo “NO! It’s not over”.  Okay, so I realize this is coming from Papa God. He gently tells me to write down my thoughts and I will find understanding.

Have you been feeling you are not accomplishing what Papa God wants you to do? Do you find your vision has waned? Have your dreams diminished? Are you feeling discouraged or dejected?

You are not neglected!

God laughs at the enemy (it’s true, He does) as the enemy tries to cause defeat in our lives.

You are His temple. You are a source of the supply of God! “You are blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ” Ephesians 1:3 Because of the Cross, you experience the personhood of God. You are so filled with His Glory! You execute His message of the justice of God, which is True Love, from the position of the loving relationship that you have with Him and He has with you.

Papa God wants you to know that His plan has never been that the older or more experienced beloved ones should “move to the back of the church”. Our culture says we get to a certain age and we have to move to the back. Church culture seems to dictate that our purpose, when we reach a certain age, is only to support the young ones who are receiving the revelations. Papa says that is NOT His plan!

“Older” people are marginalized by our culture, by society, but not by God! Less experienced Christians are often marginalized by the church culture, but not by God! God is not exclusively age oriented. God is not exclusively experience oriented. He wants all of His body working together; working side by side, encouraging one another. He longs to have the older generation encouraging the younger; the younger encouraging the older; the experienced encouraging and validating the less experienced; the less experienced encouraging the experienced ones to keep on seeking, finding, and sharing.

“Since my youth, God, You have taught me, and to this day I declare Your marvelous deeds.” Psalm 71:17

No one and no words are allowed by Papa God to rob you of the hunger you have for Him, and the hunger He has for you to be together with Him.

He is causing all of us to be in the motion of Holy Spirit’s moving and in the frequencies of heaven! Can you hear the angels gathering? Can you hear the rattling and extreme movement in the spiritual realm? They are waiting for Him to call the angels to do God’s bidding when He hears the decrees and declarations of His heart being lifted up by the Bride. Declare a thing, and it will be established”. Job 22:28

God has a plan and a purpose, and you get to continuously fellowship with that plan and purpose.

Do you ever hear yourself telling Papa God “I can’t do that! It’s too hard!” when you know He has something for you to accomplish? He replies “Are you kidding Me? I live in you and I can do all things!” John 14:10. Jesus does not want you separate from Him. He does not want what you do to be a “here’s your thing” and what He is doing to be a “here’s My thing.” You are one in Him and what you do is exactly what He is doing!

Let Him show you more things from His heart, and infuse you with encouragement, strength, confidence, and identity. He wants to impart revelations and understanding of the mysteries and scrolls that He has long ago deposited within your spirit.

You all have His divine nature within you. You are qualified! You are world changers! No matter what your experience has been, no matter what your age is, you are a world changer. Rise up and occupy your space in the Spirit. Receive far beyond what your heart has been crying out for. It is not over!

Tap into God’s abundance, God’s prosperity. You are the one to discover! You are His mouthpiece, you are His signpost. His message through you creates reality. It comes from a Throne overflowing with Grace and Mercy.

His message to all of us is “It’s not over for any of you!” There is so much more than we can think or imagine in Jesus.

What an awesome, amazing break from cleaning floors.

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  1. Your last words really speak to me, Margie! I am His mouthpiece. His message through me creates reality🌸. This NOW is what I want to intentionally impart in my life. Every word and reaction reflecting Him And His love creating a beautiful loving reality! Jesus in me! Love you! Minda

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