My granddaughter had just gone down for her nap. I was sitting in a chair, having a time of communion with Jesus. Unexpectedly I could feel Holy Spirit holding me, indicating “here we go.”

view from above of an enormous cathedral filled with people

Immediately I am in an enormous cathedral. It is much larger than any I’ve seen in pictures. Larger than St. Paul’s Cathedral or Westminster Abbey in London. I am not sure of the location, just that this cathedral is one of immense size. There are rows and rows of pews in the sanctuary. Holy Spirit places me in an aisle seat quite a distance from the front. The pews are filled with people quietly anticipating something.

As I study the details and the beauty of the interior of this cathedral my breath is taken away. The entire area is shimmering with gold and illumined with a glorious bright light. So much so that I sense the light is tangible and thick. I can feel and hold it in my hands.

I hear whispers from people behind me. When I look towards the back of the cathedral I see a father walking his gorgeous bride down the aisle. As the two of them walk towards the altar people are putting their hands on their hearts. I can hear the guests gasp and say, “Oh! That’s me! She looks just like me!”

The bride and her father approach my aisle and I am aware of the bride’s exquisite beauty and the love the father has for his daughter. She is not walking with her arm through his, nor are they hand in hand. He is holding her hand up, in a position similar to the beginning of a waltz. I look at the bride’s beaming face and I am astonished as I recognize myself in her. I exclaim, “She is me!”  father escorting bride down aisle shows most of all, love wins

They continue walking towards the waiting groom. Just before the bride reaches her beloved she stops and exclaims, “Wait! Please! I understand it now! There’s more! Wait!” She turns and quickly moves down the aisle and goes outside. I hurriedly get up and go with her.

Once outside the cathedral, we both see many homeless, hungry, hurting people. Holy Spirit tells me they had always been there, unnoticed.  There are people in gutters. Many are yelling, “Don’t judge me!” They are crying out in pain from all over the area. Those outside are pulling at the bride’s dress as she comes near them. Her dress is being shredded as they reach for a piece of what she has.

I can feel the bride’s compassion. I hear her tell the hungry people there is food prepared for all of them inside. She touches their heads and as she does their torn, dirty, smelly clothes change to radiant, shining clothing. They head inside the cathedral to eat a much-needed meal.

The bride walks toward a steep hillside. I am with her and I see her slip down into a damp, cold, dark space with lots of undergrowth. There are people at the bottom of this hill groping to find something to pull them up but to no avail.  They are too weak, unable to get to the light above on their own. These emaciated bodies are in excruciating pain. They are not even able to cry.

narrow path between two steep moss-covered tall mountain sides

The bride pulls one body up the hill. She is determined. She moves this person to a safe place and yells, “Help me!” People start coming out of the cathedral and soon the building is emptied out. Her wedding guests are responding to her call for help. I am feeling empowered. I link arms with the bride and others begin to link arms. Suddenly each of us is being morphed into her. The more people that link arms, the larger the bride becomes. We are now one huge body.

Our body is so large that in one step we lower ourselves to the bottom of the hillside. We begin rescuing the people from this deep chasm. We are able to hold three people on each side of us and set them up out of the dark. Six people at a time are pulled from the bottom of the hill. Soon all have been rescued from the darkness into the light. There are guests from the cathedral that have been watching. They begin to kiss, love and hold those that are brought up out of the pit.

The wedding caterers bring all of the food outside where everyone is congregated. They lay the food out on the street for serving. The ones that were transformed come to help. Those of us who were morphed into the bride become our individual selves again. We all begin to eat together. An amazing phenomenon is happening. The foliage, the animals, and even the sky is now flashing and changing into vibrant colors as we eat. We can hear all of creation joyfully singing and celebrating.

Rain begins to fall as we are eating. As the raindrops touch the people who were so downtrodden, dirty, emaciated, broken, bruised and in pain, their entire bodies begin to change. They are suddenly standing upright. No one is crying in pain. Everyone looks fresh and new.

Holy Spirit whispers to me that I am witnessing the manifestation of the Kingdom of God. We are indeed one body united as the bride. Each of us looks exactly like her even though we all have individual physical bodies.

As Holy Spirit brings the revelation of what I am seeing, all of us become a company of millions and millions of people together. The millions are standing around people lifting a large rainbow colored parachute high above their headsa gigantic recreational parachute. We are pulling on the sides, lifting it up and down. On the outside top of the parachute is an enormous sign with the letters “L.O.V.E.” We toss the “LOVE” sign high into the atmosphere. It appears so large that I am sure all of North America, if not the entire world, can see it.

The wedding did not convene. Holy Spirit draws my attention to the father of the bride, who had been standing back observing all that had taken place. I can feel the father’s extravagant love, pride, joy and adoration towards his daughter. I see the father suddenly walk over to the bride. He gives her a gentle hug, kisses her sweetly on her cheek and lovingly, with strong emotion in his voice, says to her“That’s my girl!”

My experience was over. Holy Spirit took me back to my home. To this day I am almost speechless over what I had seen. As the Bride of Christ hears  Father God say “And most of all, love,” she is awakened to come together and become an ever-flowing fountain of His love.

1 Corinthians 12:27 (NIV) “Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.”

Isaiah 62:5b (NIV) “And as the bridegroom rejoices over the bride, so your God will rejoice over you.”

Luke 14:13 (TPT) “It is better to invite those who never get an invitation. Invite the poor to your banquet, along with the outcast, the handicapped, and the blind—those who could never repay you the favor.”

Psalm 72:6 (TPT) “Your favor will fall like rain upon our surrendered lives, like showers reviving the earth”