A while back my husband and I were visiting our son and his family, spending a few nights there. One night after a fun, invigorating day with the grandloves and their parents, we said goodnight to all and headed to bed for much-needed sleep. My thoughts turned to being incredibly grateful to Jesus for blessing us with such wonderful children and grandchildren. My heart was exploding with love and thanksgiving to Jesus. And I was having a conversation with Holy Spirit about how exciting my life is now, being one in Jesus!

extreme encounters are illustrated by bright colorful star clusterAs I was lying in bed that night, worshiping Jesus and reflecting on His word and the goodness of God’s love for me I noticed movement at the foot of the bed. I was startled and actually alarmed to see an angel standing at the foot of the bed. He was dressed in a man’s dark suit, stood very stately and was looking at me. I abruptly sat straight up and loudly exclaimed to him, “Your name is EXTREME!!” The angel nodded at me in agreement, gave me a soft smile and said, “I’ll be working with you. You will understand my name.” Then he was gone as quickly as he had shown up.

I’ve had quite a few encounters and interactions with angels. Usually, I understand the purpose of their angelic visitations, but this one was different. I was overwhelmed.

According to Webster’s dictionary, “extreme” means “being far from the norm.” Yes, this angel called EXTREME was far from the norm. He was much larger and appeared much stronger to the utmost degree than others I have seen.

I’m waiting to experience what EXTREME will have me do with him. But I can’t wrap my mind around what these extreme capacities might be. Extreme healing? Extreme evangelizing? Extreme Loving? Extreme ground plowing? I’m waiting for EXTREME to return. I’m believing he will.

Being extremely biblical should definitely appear to be extreme according to the world’s viewpoint. I am hoping to be extremely biblical and extremely supernatural, with Holy Spirit and this angel named EXTREME!