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My Happy Pillow

baby sleeping on a her happy pillowHave you ever encountered Holy Spirit in such a refreshing, fun way that when you go to bed at night you have a smile that doesn’t fade? A smile so huge that your happy pillow gets wrecked with a permanent smiley face imprinted on it?

On as many Friday nights as we can, a small group of us meet in an “upper room” in my home and have what we call God-time. However Holy Spirit is leading, we’re excited and ready to go with Him.

We’ve had times of healings; times of basking in His awesome, tangible Presence; times of fantastic discussions of the supernatural; times of powerful prayer and intercession and times of being completely overtaken with uncontainable joy!

There are many nights we’ve gathered when the experience has been so fun, yet so perplexing. For a while I’ve been considering sharing a few of those encounters. I think now is a good time to do just that.

We had once again been deep in the things of the Spirit. Together we agreed in prayer that Jesus would show us how to better carry His Kingdom to the longing world around us. We were serious. We wanted to make a greater Kingdom impact with our lives.

Suddenly Jesus appeared. He was relaxed and sitting on a bench type seat which is below the big screen in the media room in my home. All of us were in chairs which faced the screen. Jesus calmly leaned forward in His sitting position, His hands folded in His lap, and said to us “Here’s the thing…” Then He stopped. Each one of us moved our bodies closer to Him, sitting on the edge of our seats. We were intent and focused on hearing the wisdom He was going to give us. No one said a thing. I’m sure our mouths were open in serious anticipation waiting for His profound words which would give us direction in our desire to further His Kingdom. We watched Him in silence. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Then He very serenely with a slight smile on His face said “You’re taking it too seriously. Have some fun!”

Our small group all burst out laughing. “He wants us to have fun!” we all exclaimed. That night we relaxed in Him and enjoyed His divine sense of humor. He laughed with us. He loved on us. We joyfully shared in New Covenant relationship with Him.

Another night one person had a prayer request for an individual who was extremely distressed because his family wouldn’t come to church. He would invite them to church and they joined him, but would not go back.

As we were praying I saw two angels sitting on the floor in front of us.  They were singing and doing the hand motions to the nursery rhyme song “Pease Porridge Hot, Pease Porridge Cold.” It was the exact song and clapping motions children used to sing so many years ago. The angels continued singing this song for quite a while.boy and girl playing Peas Porridge Hot

Some conversations were taking place among a few of the people present, but the angels didn’t seem to mind. They didn’t look up at us. They just kept clapping their hands with the motions of the song. Over and over. “Pease Porridge Hot.” The longer I observed them singing this song the more I knew they were bringing a message. But what in the world does “Pease Porridge Hot” mean? None of us seemed to know.

I was so curious. Late that night after our time had ended I quickly looked up Pease Porridge Hot. I found out that it originated in the 1700’s in England when people, probably peasants, would have a big pot, put legumes in it and cook it for a meal. Then the next day they would add more to make it available again. If they left it for nine days and kept adding to what was left in the pot originally, it became contaminated.

This simple explanation led me to realize that some people like the revelation of Jesus, what He is doing and what He has done, very hot.  In other words, new and fresh. Others will leave it a day or so, adding a bit more to the revelation. But then there are those who add so much extra from all different sources that the revelation is not fresh, not pure and doesn’t satisfy or feed their spirit. When it gets contaminated the need is to start with a new, clean pot.

No, “Pease Porridge Hot” was not of this world. Father God was using the angels to give a message to the concerned gentleman. His family needed a fresh word. Not old and decaying. My friend delivered this unusual word telling the man of the angels singing and clapping to “Pease Porridge Hot” and the interpretation Holy Spirit gave. She said his entire countenance changed as He heard this from the Lord. Recognition that this was God speaking washed over him! He believed God and prayed he and his family would hear an uncontaminated message of the love of Jesus for them.

Let’s exam the porridge we’re consuming and make sure it’s not contaminated. If it is we simply have to toss it out.

I value the angelic realm. I wonder if I would interact with that realm if I didn’t value it. Someone said, “We can materialize the word of heaven on earth when we speak of what we see or what we hear.” I believe that I’m exercising my senses by reason of use.

I am also a riddle buff. Wrapping my brain around riddles is so fun for me. God knows I love riddles. He knows I’ll research and hunt down the answer. He speaks to me often in riddle form. Scripture is full of parables and riddles. Isn’t He rich and colorful in the way He interacts and communicates with us?

The “Upper Room” where we meet is a sanctuary for us. We enter it expecting to encounter Holy Spirit. The room itself feels set apart for us. Holy Spirit is there waiting with open arms to lead us to Jesus. Now I need to clarify. It’s not actually the room, but the eagerness we feel as we head upstairs to be with Him. He meets the expectation of our hearts and spirits.

In that place (and any place) God will use whatever form He chooses to speak to us. He will use His Word, television, nature, a friend in conversation, media, photos, sounds, tastes, animals, music, comedy, all things. When we have ears to hear and eyes to see we can hear Him speaking and feel Him loving us daily. He is not a silent God.

“The Mighty One, God, the Lord, speaks and summons the earth from the rising of the sun to where it sets.” (Psalm 50:1)

Jesus has our small group tightly knitted together. We are undeniably a God-only group woven together by the fibers of Holy Spirit within each of us. We are expanding our horizons in Him. We continue to experience awesome times with and in Him. He shows us more facets of Himself each time we meet.

One night the song “Forever” was playing as our group gathered. The chorus came on. “His love endures… forever His love endures…” I saw Jesus standing before us moving His hands and arms to the left then to the right in time with the music. I shared what I saw and we enthusiastically joined Him, moving our hands and arms with Him. We called it “smoothing” to the left and “smoothing” to the right. When the song was over we asked each other “Was that silly? We smoothed to the entire song.”

Jesus immediately replied “Why do you think it is silly? You are in sync with Me. You do what I do. You do what you see Me doing. We will be doing much more together. You may question it, but I see that you are not afraid to jump in and have us flow together.” We automatically smooth with Him every time we hear the song now.

He made us with a sense of humor. He shows us His. We can relax and believe that He enjoys communing with us in numerous ways. I love to laugh. He has me laughing a lot! He’s such a loving Papa God who knows each of His kids’ personalities! Each one of us is made in His image.

“So God created mankind in His own image, in the image of God He created them; male and female He created them.” (Genesis 1:27)

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you…” (Jeremiah 1:5)

Holy Spirit showed me our group with arms interlocked together. We were skipping and frolicking down the gold road like the four characters in “The Wizard of Oz.”  Wizard of Oz characters frolicking down yellow brick roadWe weren’t being personified as the characters. He was describing through a vision how together and happy we are in Him.

I’m thankful for the friends He has connected me with. I’m thankful that He is connecting me with you. We need each other in this Body of Christ. I know that Jesus loves it when we are one in the Spirit during our God-time, whether virtually or physically. Thinking about that makes me smile.

When I retire at bedtime my head falls into that permanent smiley face on my happy pillow. I sleep in the contentment of knowing Him and once again encountering His magnificent manifest Presence. I love You, Jesus!

“But may the righteous be glad and rejoice before God; may they be happy and joyful.” (Psalm 68:3)


  1. Just read My Happy Pillow, Margie❣️ I love going to sleep with a big smile that He has planted on me, especially after one of our Fiday nite meetings!! Looking forward to this Friday nite! Love you, Minda

  2. Susan Melanie Storm

    February 7, 2017 at 10:09 am

    So loved this Margie!

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