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Peacocks of Deception

A female angel came to me last night and woke me out of my sleep. She took my hand and we were immediately on a crowded street. There were many skyscraper buildings and the streets were bustling with people. I knew I had been there before. It seemed to be an Americanized city overseas. I can’t yet identify it.

As we stood on the street she pointed to a peacock. The peacock was definitely out of place in that setting. colorful of all peacocks with tail feather full spread open It was fanning its tail and people began to point to the bird and grab others so they could see him. I was captivated by the colors in his tail. I commented to the angel how pretty I thought the bird is. She shook her head and I knew that through seeing this bird I was being shown what appears to be good and lovely is often not.

The angel then took me to a beach. We walked along the shore and there were many peacocks. Once again, out of place.  Peacock feathers were everywhere. A male peacock was fanning his tail. The angel (who I knew was an angel of wisdom) communicated with me that these birds represented over-confidence, pride, and vanity.

I trembled because I thought she was calling me prideful. I asked for forgiveness. She shook her head. “You’ve been forgiven by the blood of the Lamb,” she told me. “But be aware. Among you are people of arrogance and haughtiness. They will try to draw as many as possible into their flock with their flamboyant look and mannerisms.”

We were then transported together to a trail in a forest. Peacocks emerged from everywhere. Feathers were flying in the wind. We began walking the trail.peacock perched on branch with feathers closed and hanging down I had the feeling of becoming closed in. Peacocks were behind each tree. Eyes were looking at me. I could hear their call. “Look at me! Look at me! Come to me!”

I closed my eyes and fell to the ground. The angel bent down and gently picked me up. “I want you to see this for the children’s’ sake,” she said. “What children?” I asked. “The ones you have been loving and praying for.” I sobbed. I knew that children of all ages needed the deception and the strong pull appearing before them, drawing them in, to be stopped.

“Jesus!” I cried. “They are so unsuspecting! They are so naïve! They are so easily tricked and trusting. They are so unwary and easily preyed upon.”

To the angel, I asked, “How can I pray?” She responded “You’ve been called to pray for hedges of protection to surround the children. For the love of family to reenter the hearts of the children who purposefully left home. For babies and toddlers to live in safety. For wholeness to return to each victimized child. For the Body of Christ to ‘climb on board’ and have their eyes opened. For the Body of Christ to know their identity and power of God within themselves. For an awakening to hit this world. For the Sword of the Spirit to knock the demons out completely. For things covered and hidden to be exposed. For fear to be replaced by its opposite -LOVE! For the washing of the blood of the Lamb for the perpetrators.”

As I began to pray right then and there with the angel holding my hand, I felt to call out to the demonic forces to regurgitate what they had swallowed, including children and adults. It was a disgusting sight, but lives were spit out on the ground and that was good. Then the process began of cleaning them up, feeding them, not only food for their bodies, but food for their spirits, and loving them and letting each one know how valuable and loved they are by Jesus and by us.

I returned with the angel to my home. Then she was gone and I was up praying for the rest of the night. I know the angel had much more insight to give me as to how to pray, but I feel what she said and showed me was of the utmost importance.

The purpose of the angel translocating with me last night was so clear. Deception is rampant. I feel to pass this on as a reminder to all of us how important it is to our Papa God that these children be returned and restored. He has called us to co-labor with Him. And we are!

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  1. Help us Jesus to love like You and to reach out to those You want us to reach out to.

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