I’m happy to share some awesome ministries and authors who continuously bless the Body of Christ and help us grow in the grace, love, and knowledge of the Person of Jesus Christ. This is only a partial list. You can also find them on Facebook.

Praying Medic                    http://www.prayingmedic.com

Michael C. King                  http://www.thekingsofeden.com

Michael Van Vlymen         http://www.riverofblessingsinternationalministries.org

Lisa Palieri Perna               http://www.touchedbyprayer.com

Jeremy Mangerchine         http://www.bastionministries.com

Tyler G. Johnson                http://www.oneglance.org  and  http://www.deadraisingteam.com

Glen Hartline                      http://www.H2Hministry.com

Shawn Bolz                         https://bolzministries.com

Randy Clark                         https://globalawakening.com

Steve Peace Harmon          https://steveharmon.org