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The Tent of Meeting

In a quiet time with the Lord, I told Him I was ready and asked if He’d be willing to send me where He wanted me to be. Immediately I was lifted out of my chair, up into the air, and transported to the inside of a tent-like structure where a chief and others were sitting around a fire. Large campfire burning in the tent of meetingThe tent was big. I could smell the fire. Sparks were flying from the fire, but the tent was so large that the sparks dissipated before reaching the top of the tent.

The setting appeared to be in an African village. The Congo came to mind as I noticed my surroundings. The men around the fire were dark-skinned, and it seemed that they were all part of a local tribe.

The chief gestured for me to sit in the circle with them. I was given a fan just like the men had. They were fanning the flame in unison, and I joined in. The fan was the shape of an oar for a rowboat. It was the consistency of balsa wood, not heavy at all. We sat and fanned the flame together, up and down in a synchronized beat, and I began to study this tribe more closely. Each man was wearing a necklace. Each necklace was full of chains and stones. All the men sat in a crossed-leg position, concentrating on the fire.

It seemed that I had just gotten there, but I knew it was time for me to leave already. I was able to practically jump straight up from a sitting position.

Then Holy Spirit raised me into the air and brought me back to my chair in my room.

One week later I felt myself leaving my body where I was sitting. I was taken back inside the tent. I knew I was physically there. I hadn’t asked the Lord about going back. I was not expecting it.

The same chief and the other men were still sitting around the fire. It seemed like I had just been there and had left only momentarily. The men nodded and acknowledged me, but I remained standing.

For some reason, their necklaces intrigued me and I studied each one again. As I was looking and studying them, the one I knew as the chief slipped his necklace over his head. As he did so, the necklace became pop beads. That surprised me. It didn’t fit the atmosphere at all. He took three of the pop beads, snapped them together and passed his three around the circle to the other men.

short segments of white pop beads in a pileI watched as the beads were passed. As each man reached for his own necklace, it also became a strand of pop beads. Each man then added a bead to the chief’s original three. All beads were an opaque, white color.

After all had added their bead, the chief handed me the circle of beads. I held them in my hand. There were nine beads total. Three from the chief and one from each of the six men. I didn’t have enough to make a necklace, but I needed to hang on to them. Without being told, I knew if I would give away one bead, more would be given to me. As people who received a bead from me gave one away, more would be added to them.

In a moment I felt myself moving swiftly, as if being pulled, and I was back in my room.

One day about 7 months later, I was aware that Holy Spirit was going to take me back a third time. In an instant, I saw myself sitting in my chair at home, but I was moving through the air.

In what could have been the blink of an eye, I walked through the open doorway of the same tent. All was the same. Again I sensed that no time had passed, almost as if there was no time at all. No one had ever spoken to me during my two previous visits. The chief was able to communicate with me non-verbally. He seemed to perceive what I was thinking and I was able to understand him just by being near him.

With his eyes, he questioned me about the beads I received from him the last time the Spirit brought me to this tent of meeting. I slightly shook my head as if to tell him I did not have the pop beads with me. He immediately took his necklace off and sent it flying! As he flung it, it became only one bead. This one bead went through the wall of the tent to the outside.

I knew I had to go out and find it. I could see the bead a good distance away from the tent. It had landed in front of a woman. She was cradling a baby. The baby was on his back in her arms, but his head hung down over the edge of her arm, and I recognized that he was lifeless.

With compassion in my heart, I approached her and looked at her face. Her eyes were full of tears. I felt her desperation and the longing of her aching heart for this baby that she birthed to live. I motioned to her to take the baby to the tent. She shook her head as if to say emphatically, “No! No! I can’t!” There seemed to be such fear within her. She wouldn’t move.

So without hesitation, I took the baby from her, entered the tent and asked in my spirit if the chief would pray or somehow bring this baby back to life. He took his necklace off and I instinctively bent my head down as he placed it around my neck. It was his full, original necklace,  not pop beads.  Immediately after receiving his necklace I understood clearly what he was telling me.  “You do it!  You have My authority.” The baby moved and squealed. I hadn’t said anything to the baby.  Life entered back into the baby when the chief’s necklace was on me. I hurried and reunited the baby with his mother.

Back in the tent again, I communicated my question to him. “Why am I the only female in here?” He crossed his arms over his chest with the “love sign”. He was telling me to let the people know ALL are welcome.

As I thought over his words, I felt I was floating.  The spirit transported me, setting back into my chair in my room.  It was over. large comfortable overstuffed chair

I’ve contemplated these three amazing visits. Through prayer, His Word, and investigating resource materials I have had lots of questions answered. These traveling in/being transported by the Spirit experiences are difficult to explain by natural means. But I know that the supernatural, spiritual realm is the superior realm! All three of these experiences built on the one before. Holy Spirit showed me in such a tangible, physically experiential way the Love of the Triune God and the oneness I have in Him.

I once noticed a note posted on a school bulletin board which read “Children learn 10% by hearing, 50% by seeing, and 90% by experiencing.” When we experience Him, wherever He takes us, whatever He shows us, we understand an incredibly higher revelation of Him. We realize who we are in Him through experiencing and encountering Him, even more than we could grasp through only hearing and seeing. All of our senses seem to be so alive!

Congo is sometimes called Zaire which means “Big River.” God is a big river moving powerfully, impacting large numbers of people with His Presence and abundant love.

I can now say that the chief was Jesus. When He initially gave me beads, He gave me three. One each for the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the Three in One. The six other men then added to the three and the strand became nine.  Nine symbolizes conclusion, the fullness of blessing.  Jesus did everything for us on the cross. He restored to wholeness the broken relationship between God and man. There is nothing more He has to do and nothing we can add. He has set us free to be truly all that He designed us to be, and His blessings abound.

At my first visit, I knew the beads, which were of Him, needed to be given away and not kept. The more I gave, the more I received. The same for those who received a bead from me, and then gave one away. Luke 6:38a (NLT) “Give, and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full – pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap.” Every bead, just as the Father’s love, attached perfectly to the others. There was no differentiation in the beads. Being attached to each other forms one strand, just as we are when we believers come together.

Getting straight up from a crossed-leg position is almost impossible for me now, but in His Presence I can do what is impossible!

When I returned for the second time, a week later in the natural, the tribe was in the same position, doing the same thing. No time had elapsed. God is still doing what He has set out to do. He hasn’t quit. He is still fanning the flame which symbolizes God’s love pouring over and covering His people.  I believe it also represents God’s power destroying and removing the old structure of society to make room for the new. The Old Man died with Christ and the New Man is taking over!

The third and final time Holy Spirit took me there brought even more revelation. The door of His tent was always open. I never had to move a flap to enter or leave. The woman was dealing with the lies she carried in her mind. Lies are the enemy’s biggest and strongest weapon. She didn’t need to fear. We are all free to call upon the Lord and come into His Presence.

I received all authority from Jesus. I knew I was one with Him and He with me. All power was given to me. I didn’t have to think about it or analyze it. Healing just happened. And His Love directed me! It’s simple. The gospel is not complicated!

I tried to sketch out the necklace the chief was wearing. I wanted to convey in my sketch that it was heavy, not just a few chains. I drew without realizing it, five layers of chains. Five is the number of Grace. Grace is the Person of Jesus! The necklace was weighty, as is His Glory. But even one little bead of His love, like the one that He threw, can go through any walls we may have up, and break through any barrier. He sees us all and knows our struggles. He goes after the one and brings His victory.

As we walk in His light, His Kingdom shines through us. He will take us places where we will bring the truth that Jesus accomplished everything on the cross. It’s all about Him, and He in us! We co-labor with Him and bring that which is dead back to life!

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  1. Amazing! I love all your encounters and the simplicity of our God. I am learning so much from here about the Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, His word, His children – what a wonderful Father! I love it all!

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