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The Water Jug

image of a small African boy holding a water jugDuring the school year, I stay at my granddaughter’s preschool. They have graciously given me a room in their facility, so for four hours I am by myself in the room. Most days are spent with Jesus and Holy Spirit. What a glorious gift of time that is.

One day I had a quick conversation with Jesus. I said “Use me where you need me.  I’m willing.”

There was an immediate response on His part andI was suddenly transported to a poverty-stricken rural part of a country. From the pictures, I have seen and what I have read, I assume I was in Africa.

Holy Spirit placed me in an area where it appeared the people had only a meager supply of the necessities for their lives. There was no vegetation in this area and no vehicles. Stray dogs frantically ran from spot to spot scavenging for food. The temperature was exceptionally hot, and the oxygen-poor environment caused me to have difficulty breathing. People with loose-fitting clothing wandered aimlessly without a fixed direction. A few naked and scantily clothed children were kicking rocks on the dusty road while younger ones were carried by their mothers.

It appeared to be a busy part of the town. I was walking among the people on the dirt road and noticing my surroundings. My eye caught the sight of a woman sitting on the side of the road a good distance away from me. Everyone ignored her as if she didn’t exist. People would pass directly in front of her and pay no attention to her. She had on a long cotton skirt and a top with minimal coverage. I purposefully took note of her skirt because she was sitting in the dirt, one knee bent upwards with her skirt covering her legs.

She had a pottery water jug in front of her, between her legs. I knew she was begging for help. She appeared to be very disheartened and dejected knowing this was her way of life. Day after day she must have come to the same spot to hope someone would notice and share a taste of water with her.

I began approaching her. As I walked closer to her she glanced up at me. Her eyes told me she was tired and worn. I was a newcomer. Maybe she didn’t want me to notice her. But she then looked straight into my eyes with a slight look of astonishment in her own eyes. I had the realization that she now was seeing Jesus, not me!  She may not have known Jesus, but I knew she was not seeing an unfamiliar woman, but rather her Provider coming toward her. And from Him, there was hope being extended to her spirit.

Walking up beside her without saying a word, I reached out and lovingly put my hand on her head.  I could see inside her container that water was beginning to fill the jug from the base of the jug rather than from the opening at the top. Something supernatural was taking place! I watched in amazement as the jug became completely full of clean, pure water. My understanding that Jesus was working through me to meet this woman’s needs overwhelmed me.

People suddenly started to gather around her, peering into the jug in amazement. Many were calling out for others to come and share in the excitement. A few were celebrating. She was not an outsider any longer. She was a miracle-receiving child of God! She must have become the talk of the community.

Holy Spirit tenderly escorted me back to my granddaughter’s classroom at the preschool. I was in awe that He had used me, I was full of thanksgiving at what had just happened for this woman.

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