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Volunteer Nurse

A commentator on the news today said the governor of Florida was calling for 1000 volunteer nurses. He was speaking of the predicted devastation from the newest hurricane to soon make landfall.

“I wish I was a nurse” I tell my husband after hearing the governor’s plea. “I would be there in a heartbeat to help”.  profile of a nurse with nurses cap on

Apparently, an angel has been listening and Papa God sent her to me. I feel her firmly tug at the back of my jeans which compels me to turn and see she is moving out to the street in front of my house. My legs burst into a run behind her as she swiftly moves. It feels as if we are on a runway gathering speed before takeoff.  She extends her right hand out behind her. I grab it as we begin to ascend above my city.

We rapidly move over water. Countless angels covered in gold are in the atmosphere raising their swords for us as we pass through. The guarded gate has been opened. My angel firmly takes hold of my hand and we descend onto a heap of rubble in what looks like a war zone.  “Where are we?” I inquire. I hear nothing from her.

Collapsed buildings, concrete pieces everywhere, glass, debris, power lines and a few exacerbated people wandering around in a daze is the scene before my eyes.  A portion of a crumbled sign which reads “Revolucion” sticks out from the piles of debris. I assume I am in Cuba which has just been hit by the fierce hurricane.

The sound of groaning and crying increases and becomes almost more than I can bear.  “Please tell me what to do!” I call out in desperation to Papa God.

“Ayuda! Ayuda! Ayuda!” I know very little of the Spanish language, but I do comprehend the pain and anguish in the screams I hear.

The angel leads me to a man lying in the street, covered in dust and bleeding profusely. He looks me in the eye and my spirit screams out “I don’t know what I am doing!” But the angel brings me a huge bag which she opens to show an enormous supply of tourniquets, IV lines, and packets of blood.

Emergency teams are desperately working to save lives. One man with a medical cross on his shirt speaks to me in English. “Quick! This man needs a microscopic view of red blood with floating blood plateletstransfusion. Use type O.  Tourniquet his wound on the heart side first”.  He seems to be assured I am a capable nurse volunteer. I do what he tells me, then find a blood vessel and insert the intravenous line. My English words, telling this wounded man how much Jesus loves him, do not seem to be a barrier.  His eyes tell me he hears my words in his language. I place the blood supply bag on a pile of concrete and run to the next person covered in blood. Daylight quickly becomes dusk, then darkness. So many people are needing help. Each person we approach has an aura of amazing, brilliant light shining on them. The supply of blood, tourniquets and IV lines does not diminish.

I have never given anyone a blood transfusion. Surprisingly I am not tired, but I am in shock to realize I have helped while not having any expertise or skill. An audible voice says “You can do all things through Christ which strengthens you”. It is the angel who has not spoken to me until now. “Yes,” I agree, “I have my Papa God who equips me and allows me to be used by Him.”

I ask her what her name is. “Rakak” she tells me with a slight smile. “Why am I here?” Rakak readily replies “I AM heard you speak your desire to support and assist. Help is needed here right now. You are willing. He sent me to travel with you. He gives you all you need.”

I know I haven’t done enough. I’ve seen the devastation in my own state from the recent hurricane. I want to do more! I need to do more! But Papa God quiets my spirit. He has once again shown me His love, His provision, His compassion, and how we are naturally supernatural because of Jesus Christ. I am grateful.

Rakak lovingly transports me over the waters and through the lifted gates that the angels in gold surround and guard. We arrive back at my home.  blue ocean water scene white clouds taken from high altitudeI look at the clock. It has only been ten minutes since I spoke the words to my husband.

By the way, I discovered that Rakak is a Hebraic word for “tender”.

Phil 4:19  “But my God shall supply all you need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”


  1. Jose Castillo

    July 30, 2018 at 6:48 pm

    I hear this testimony in Praise Chappel last Year. I wanted to make a documentary or film or movie about these experience to make more people believe with real data and places. How many days or hours you was in Cuba. Approximately how many people receive the blood transfusion. How could I found or who was the doctor or person with the red cross in his shirt. What city was exactly Or If I will be in Cuba what signs you can give me to found the hospital. Do you have any name of the persons to try to found them.

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