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Water Table

It’s Thursday, one of the days each week I am able to occupy a church classroom by myself. This private room presents me with an exceptional opportunity to worship, study, pray and hear from Holy Spirit.

In the room adjacent to mine I hear a group of women laughing heartily. Laughter is good medicine.  It is delightful to hear this jovial expression of them enjoying the day. My heart is happy also.

Desiring a cup of java this morning, I begin to pour the coffee from my thermos. I’m looking forward to my first cup and my conversation with Jesus. I have my notebook and pen ready to record what He shares. He and I enjoy our time together as we discuss the events of the day ahead. His Presence and His love permeate the room. But as I start to sip the coffee I am interrupted by the sound of the heavy classroom door being thrust open.  Standing in the doorway is a tall angel, the size of the doorway itself, bearing a sign hanging from his neck which reads “Water.” He doesn’t move until I pull out a chair and motion for him to come in and sit down.

“May I ask why you are wearing that sign? Is that your name?” Without saying a word, he flips the sign over. On the back are the words “Table Rising.”

“The water table is rising,” I hear him tell me.  It surprises me, and my mind reverts back to this past summer when the hurricane deposited 50” of rainfall in our city.  A feeling of uneasiness comes over me as I hear this phrase. “What does that mean?” I ask, hoping to hear something other than the warning of another flood.

I AM is saying the water table of the nation and church is rising. He has set in place before the Bride of Christ divine choices to be in on the cutting edge of what I AM, Jesus His Son, and Holy Spirit are doing.” My apprehension has shifted to anticipation. “I AM is raising up sons and daughters with an acute supernatural awareness of their destiny, birthright, and oneness in Jesus. Not one is being left out.”

These are powerful words. I’m writing in my notebook as fast as I can hoping to include all that he is saying.

I look at my hands and see some oil pooling in the palm of my right hand. “What is this for?” I question him in my mind, observing the oil. I feel Holy Spirit has told him my thoughts. He looked seriously at me and walked to the wall-mounted whiteboard in the classroom. On it he wrote:

“The Bride will see and hear the explosion of Glory. Each of you is a carrier of His Glory. There is a radius of Resurrection Glory around you.”

With excitement, I ask, “Are our shadows dangerous to the enemy?” It may be a silly question, but I am serious. He replies to my question, “The Body of Christ will invade cities and nations with unfathomed, immeasurable power and presence of Father God.” As I think back only a few years it seems there has been a dramatic change in the focus of fellow Christians desiring the supernatural strategies, mandates, and scepters of government that are being given out. I have an understanding that no longer will we ask, “Is this me? Or is it God?”

I have to ask him, “Why are you writing and not speaking?” I remember my English classes and answer my own question.  When we read and speak we absorb visually and verbally.  Our brain receives in different ways and causes us to remember. It forces visual and auditory links. Papa God must want this word to be deeply embedded within me.

The angel continues to write, “The accuracy of knowledge within God’s people is becoming precise. The Bride is not doubting her identity in Christ, her spirit of sonship and inheritance, or her potential. She has moved into an era of greater Kingdom authority.  Solutions from the Triune God in the Throne Room are in her DNA. The Bride has the mind of Christ.”

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”  2 Timothy 1:7

“Who has known the mind of the Lord so as to instruct Him? But we have the mind of Christ.”  1 Corinthians 2:16

I’m talking to myself, but realize the angel is listening. “The truth of our identity in Christ was never shared while I was young and growing in Jesus. It is crucial that we comprehend we are one in Jesus. I am thrilled this teaching has risen to the forefront. Hearing Papa God call us mature in our understanding is exhilarating. Jesus redeemed our union with Papa God. We are vigorously pursuing and experiencing His revelatory realm and the supernatural places in God.”

The angel speaks into my thoughts. “I AM wants you to know the Bride’s thinking has shifted to a positive declaration. She declares the words of God with certainty, clarity, confidence, and conviction. I AM is delighted that the Bride of Christ has experienced an alteration of understanding her identity in Christ. She has been equipped with His power.  Now has come the time that the Bride of Christ is stepping into her rightful place, bringing freedom and the Kingdom of God to every ground where she sets her foot.”

I will give you every place where you set your foot, as I promised Moses.”  Joshua 1:3  

He turns towards me, opens his mouth, and with a stentorian voice proclaims:

“Listen! The word of I AM to you, the Bride of Christ, is to believe what you have inherited. These promises are yours to be taken boldly. The supernatural in you is manifesting out of the finished work of Christ. The time is now! The ground is solid, it does not give way underneath you. You are stepping into the solid, strong, unwavering Kingdom authority which has always been yours.”

“Yes!” I yell excitedly.

The angel took an eraser and cleaned off the whiteboard. He walked to the door, saying “Hear the heart of Jesus beating with love as He watches the Bride of Christ expressing His love and her identity in Him to the world.” The door opened and he exited. I never did find out his name. 

I have such eagerness and expectation in me! I feel the motion of our advancement! I hear the music of heaven! It’s time to dance in the water with Jesus as He twirls us in His delight. Can you feel it? Can you hear it? The long-awaited celebration has begun. Papa God, the Host of Heaven, and the Cloud of Witnesses applaud with thanksgiving as we believe and move in who God says we are! No more doubting or delay. We have illumined eyes and ears. We are seeing Heaven’s design.

What an invigorating, beautiful time hearing the words of Papa God through the angel this morning. The water is rising and the Bride of Christ is dancing and jumping for joy in the waves of His Glory.

Let them praise His name with dancing and make music to Him with timbrel and harp.”  Psalm 149:3  


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  1. Kimberly Kincaid

    November 15, 2017 at 8:26 am

    This resonates with my spirit! I DO see it and HEAR it! The celebration has begun! So glad I found this site also!!

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