"God's Word, Angels, Seeing in the Spirit"

Margie teaches at 2019 Daddy's Girl conference in New Jersey on partaking with the angels as we worship Jesus... and a surprise take-over happens. (5-17-2019)

"Seeing in the Spirit"

Lisa Perna interviews Margie and Michael Van Vlymen about seeing in the spirit and partnering with the angelic for the glory of God. (3-5-2019)

"Exercising Spiritual Senses"   

Bryan Whitmore-Parks interviews Margie Moormann of Still Waters  Ministries and they discuss activating and exercising your spiritual  senses. (8-21-2018)

"Promises of God"

Lisa Perna interviews Margie as they discuss the promises of God and moving into the time of their release. (7-31-2018)


Audio - "Angels and Heavenly Courts" (5-25-2018)

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Audio - "Getting Snatched Away" (1-7-2017)